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Kathy Konicek


As the Assistant Director of Academic Technology, and manager for Professional Technical Education (PTE), Kathy Konicek, utilizes her enthusiasm and background for teaching and learning with technology in many ways including fostering PTE’s collaboration with campus partners on training of new software rollouts.

In her position, she manages PTE trainers, IT consultants, videographers, and instructional designers.  At work, you may find her facilitating the Campus ELearning Roadmap Group, meeting with an instructional designer to share ideas on a project, or planning the Summer software training brochure. 

Kathy graduated from UW-Madison with a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master of Science in Kinesiology.  Prior to working with PTE, she taught in K-12 institutions and higher education, in the fields of computers, health education, physical education.  In addition, she has taught hundreds of software and technical training courses.  

Kathy’s area of expertise is project management and IT leadership, having taken training in each field. Now she excels in the everyday management of PTE.  She states that her most significant professional accomplishment is enjoying what she does and the people she works with.  There’s only one other thing she’d like you to know: never play her in Settlers of Catan unless you’re ready to lose.