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Don Fleischman




Don Fleischman is the Digital Media Coordinator for PTE. His area of expertise includes creating digital media assets for training, from sound and videos to printed documents, and CMS. You may find him around campus and beyond shooting video for the creation of unique digital media projects for large-scale distribution, such as for caregiver training and influenza vaccination videos.

Don went to Western Michigan University and graduated with a degree in Music. Prior to joining PTE, Don worked for a variety of universities and religious organizations. He’s married with four kids, and is an ordained Episcopal priest. Don also plays guitar and keyboards in a rock band.

Project Spotlight

Don recently enjoyed using his digital media skills in the creation of the Wisconsin Research Profile videos, which highlighted the works of several Wisconsin researchers and professors. These videos are posted on YouTube. 

A software tip:

Learn to use the search tool on Mac and Windows for opening programs

A favorite free software:

VLC Media Player

A favorite restaurant:

The Weather Vane Tavern in Hamilton, Massachusetts

Enjoyable place to visit in the mid-west:

Silver Beach, St. Joseph, MI