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Access 2010: Intermediate

Prior to attending this course, students should be comfortable with fundamental and essential Microsoft Access database operations, including working with Access tables, relationships, queries, forms, and reports. In this course, students will create complex Access databases by structuring existing data, writing advanced queries, making effective use of forms and reports, and sharing information between applications.

Course Outline

Controlling Data Entry
Restrict Data Entry Using Field Properties
Establish a Pattern for Entering Field Values
Create a List of Values for a Field

Joining Tables
Create Query Joins
Join Unrelated Tables
Relate Data Within a Table

Creating Flexible Queries
Set Select Query Properties
Create Parameter Queries
Create Action Queries

Improving forms
Design a Form Layout
Enhance the Appearance of a Form
Restrict Data Entry in Forms
Add a Command Button to a Form
Create a Subform

Customizing Reports
Organize Report Information
Format the Report
Set Report control Properties
Control Report Pagination
Summarize Report Information
Add a Subreport to an Existing Report
Create a Mailing Label Report

Sharing Data across Applications
Import Data into Access
Export Data
Analyze Access Data in Excel
Export Data to a Text Files
Merge Access Data with a Word Document