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Photoshop CS6: Intermediate (Win/Mac)

The Photoshop CS6 Intermediate session will delve deeper into making selections and masks, correcting images, formatting type, using the pen tool, and working with advanced layer and compositing techniques techniques.

Course Outline:

Retouching and Correction Review Exercises

Optimizing for the Web Review

Masks and Channels
Creating a quick mask
Saving a selection
Viewing and adjusting channels
Creating and editing a mask
Applying effects with a gradient mask
Resizing the canvas
Removing a background from an image
Moving layers between documents
Adjustment layers
Grouping and clipping layers

Correcting and Enhancing Digital Photos
Adjusting shadows and highlights
Reducing noise
Sharpening edges
Adding depth of field

Typographic Design
Creating a clipping mask from type
Using interactive formatting controls
Warping text
Designing a paragraph of type
Creating a Smart Object from layers

Advanced Compositing
Assembling a montage of images
Applying filters
Hand-coloring selections
Adding layer effects
Matching color schemes across images
Automating a task
Stitching a Panorama

Advanced Layer Techniques
Clipping a layer to a shape
Setting up a Vanishing Point grid
Adding artwork in perspective
Working with Layer Comps

Adobe Bridge Functions