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Blackboard Collaborate - Getting Started


Blackboard Collaborate is an on-line web-conferencing application that allows you to create and host virtual classrooms and meeting spaces. Attendees are able to log into the session from any remote location. With Collaborate, there are various ways attendees can watch, listen, and participate in the web-conference.


This “Getting Started” course covers the fundamental features of the tool. We cover how the host can create, configure and manage the virtual meeting space. We cover how the attendees can interact with the host and each other. And, we address numerous human considerations that are introduced in this new form of remote community.


The course is offered in a two-session format: The first session is in-person, face-to-face. (See details for location.)  The second session is a remote-login session, to be conducted using Collaborate. Attendees can be anywhere during this second session.


Prerequisite:  This class is offered only to faculty and staff at the University of Wisconsin Madison, who have a valid NetID. No other pre-class preparations are necessary.


Optional:  Before class is held, attendees may choose to visit this Knowledge Base article, KB#32625, to begin exploring the process for creating and accessing their very own Blackboard Collaborate session. However, we will cover this material during our in-class training.


For any questions or assistance that falls outside these scheduled training sessions, please contact